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Following an extensive review of academic programs, Hiram College is pleased to announce the addition of three new in-demand majors to join the list of existing degree programs available to students. Beginning in fall 2021, students enrolled on campus will have the opportunity to major in supply chain management, esports and gaming administration, and digital marketing. Supply chain management will also be available to students enrolled in Hiram’s online program, Online@Hiram.

Offered in partnership with the Lower Cost Models for Independent Colleges Consortium (LCMC), a higher education consortium established with a goal of creating innovative and collaboration solutions to expand educational opportunities for students, while streamlining and lowering institutional costs, the new programs are designed to teach the 21st-century skills that employers are most interested in.

“I would like to commend our faculty and Academic Program Committee for recommending and approving these new academic programs that are so relevant to today’s marketplace,” said Judy Muyskens, Ph.D., vice president and dean of the College. “The programs fuse our traditional approach to learning and knowledge acquisition with the technical skills that are highly relevant in the workplace and will prepare students to be career-ready in the years to come.”

Here’s a look at the new programs:

Supply Chain Management  

Responding to a critical need in the labor market, the supply chain management major will provide students with comprehensive skills to improve product flow and streamline operational efficiency. Effective supply chain management can help businesses reduce cost, increase product and profit, and improve environmental sustainability within the workplace. With courses in business, forecasting and logistics, sourcing and operations, and economics, students will enhance their written and oral communication, problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking skills, preparing them for a variety of career paths in business, manufacturing, and management. This program will be offered on campus and through Online@Hiram.

Esports and Gaming Administration  

The esports and gaming administration major combines foundational business and sport management skills with specialized knowledge of video gaming development and event management. The program is intended to provide students with the technical and practical skills to enter the fast-growing field and to be leaders in the industry as it changes and develops over time. With courses in sport management, trade show planning, game creation and distribution, and accounting and business management, students will develop a broad appreciation for the dynamics of national and global gaming communities.

Digital Marketing  

With an increase in online activities, the digital marketing major will prepare students to evaluate and combine ideas into high-performing integrated marketing strategies. Rooted in a field that is expected to grow above the national average, students will learn how to assess consumer needs, influence buyer behavior, and drive sales in highly competitive markets. With courses in consumer behavior, market research, social media, email marketing, digital optimization, and analytics, the program will prepare students with the critical thinking and teamwork skills needed to adapt to the rapid technological innovations in the field of marketing.

Furthermore, the College has recently taken steps to enhance the Online@Hiram program. LaShon Sawyer, Ph.D., joined the College as the Executive Director of Online and Adult Programs in January, bringing nearly 25 years of program management, leadership and administration experience. Within the first few months, Dr. Sawyer has worked diligently to identify new possibilities for serving online and adult students through programs that reflect industry demands and coursework that is robust and engaging.

“We are committed to understanding the diverse needs of our online learners and minimizing the barriers that have previously existed among academic programs,” said Dr. Sawyer. “In addition to the desire to complete their degree, adult and online learners often have work, family, and community responsibilities. At Hiram, we are here to support and understand the needs of each student both inside and outside of the classroom.”

To learn more about Hiram’s new majors on campus and through Online@Hiram, please visit

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