Hiram College

Hiram College officials report that fundraising initiatives have increased donations to the institution by 64% for the recently concluded 2010-2011 academic year when compared to the previous 12 months. Hiram received more than $7 million in the past 12 months, the fourth highest total in the 161-year history of the institution.

Total giving to Hiram in the 2011-2012 academic was $7,023,685, compared to the $4,280,720 received in the previous year.  Funds will be used for a variety of campus projects and in support of academic and co-curricular programs.  “We’re very pleased that our alumni and friends have responded to our requests for support,” said Pat Roberts, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations. “Growth like this is achieved through having a president with a vision, a philanthropic Board of Trustees, dedicated alumni and friends, and a hard working staff.” Roberts recently completed his third year at Hiram after a long and successful career at the University of Akron where he worked in positions of increasing responsibility. He was recently recognized by FundRaising Success Magazine with the 2011 Fundraising Professional of the Year Award.

Hiram College President Thomas Chema attributes the growth to the increased interest in the institution on behalf of faculty and friends. “We enjoy a lot of momentum right now with our enrollment growth, our introduction of successful new programs, and in our transformation of the campus. Alumni and friends are pleased to see that we are enhancing the academic and co-curricular life offered to Hiram students and they want to be a part of it by making gifts to the College.”