Hiram College

Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Renee Gutiérrez has been selected to participate in the Munson Institute/National Endowment for the Humanities summer institute, “The American Maritime People” June 21, through July 30, 2010, at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, Conn.

“The American Maritime People” institute will examine four hundred years of American maritime history, emphasizing the most influential recent work in maritime studies and examining the influence of maritime activities on U.S. history and culture. Gutiérrez says, “I have spent much of my academic life researching Spanish and Latin American epic poetry, where sea storms and sea battles are commonplaces of the genre. The Spanish and Portuguese epics that I know best were written by men who sailed to new worlds aboard sea-faring vessels. While literary analysis is my main trade, I use a New Historicist approach, where the context in which the epics were written and published are as important as the text itself.”

She says that the summer institute “project is directly related to my professional responsibilities to teach the Caribbean course and a freshman colloquium that I will teach this Fall.”