Hiram College

futurefestJob opportunities for school counselors, camp directors, museum curators, college admissions counselors and art therapists appeared to be limitless at Hiram College’s Future Fest, which brought together current and future educators. The Oct. 13. event, co-sponsored by the Hiram College Educational Department and Education Club, linked more than a dozen alumni and friends of the college with current students to discuss the pathways to a successful career in education.

The guests represented traditional and nontraditional teaching fields. Many went on to pursue reading endorsements and graduate degrees after their days at Hiram. After the event, students, alumni and friends gathered to network.

“This is the third year for this event, and Hiram students consistently give it positive reviews. In some cases, hearing about what is possible has prompted changes in majors,” says Jennifer A. McCreight, Ph.D., assistant professor of education.

For more information about Hiram College’s Education Programs, visit http://www.hiram.edu/education.