Hiram College

When Hiram College junior Lisa Marcy took a study-abroad trip to England during the spring 2017 three-week term, she says her major in English and minor in theatre arts intersected there. But that wasn’t Marcy’s only telling encounter.

“My childhood and my adulthood met that night,” says Marcy, referring to her brief one-on-one exchange and photo opportunity with actor Daniel Radcliff, aka, Harry Potter. Watching Radcliff perform in “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” at The Old Vic Theatre in London was already a highlight for the 25 Hiram students who went on the trip. For Marcy, however, it was serendipity.

“As an adult falling in love with Shakespeare I watched the character I grew up with in books and movies playing a Shakespearean character. It was so cool to be in those two mindsets,” she explains.

Marcy describes her Harry Potter-filled days as a child, speaking with an English accent, waving a wizard’s wand and watching Radcliff bring Potter to life. “Seeing this person I grew up with burst my bubble,” she says.

Since Marcy arrived at Hiram three years ago, she describes her college experiences as, likewise, bursting her “bubble.’”

“Meeting people at Hiram made me want to do more. I got a chance at a perfect study-abroad experience. I needed to see what’s out there in the world. Hiram has done that for me,” she says.