Hiram College

Four Hiram College students have been accepted to present their essays at the Susquehanna University Undergraduate Literature & Creative Writing Conference on Feb. 18, 2013.

Caitlyn Caldwell ’13, of Poland; Maggie Henry ’13, of Concord; Erin Quandt ’14, of Mentor; and Elizabeth Haase ’13, of Akron, all wrote the accepted essays for the Fall 12-Week course “Gothic Fiction,” taught by Kirsten Parkinson, associate professor of English.

“The great benefit for these students of submitting to and presenting at a scholarly conference is that they discover that their ideas and words have meaning and value beyond the Hiram College classroom,” Parkinson said. “They discover that what they write matters, that they are adding to the wider intellectual conversation about books and literature.”

Caldwell, Quandt and Haase will all attend the conference in Selinsgrove, Pa. Henry will be unable to attend.

The essays are on the following topics:

  • Caldwell: “Virtue and Power: The Gothic Heroine’s Struggle for Realization”
  • Henry:  “Ambrosio and his Loveless Loves: A Tale of a Confused Monk”
  • Quandt: “’A dreadful, dreadful dream’: Superstition and Religion in The Monk
  • Haase:  “Power and Respect: Opposing Gender Roles in Matthew Lewis’s The Monk