Hiram College

On Wednesday February 16, 2011, Hiram students Shishir Adhikari ’11, Maria Cynthia Martin ’12, Dobromir Gospodinov ’12 and Kaitlin Karpinski ’11 gave poster presentations of their recent research at an Undergraduate Research Symposium held in the Statehouse Atrium in Columbus. The research symposium was organized by the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC) and showcased, in a very visible venue, some of the best work being done by undergraduates in the state of Ohio. Approximately 120 students from the OFIC’s 34 member colleges participated. The symposium was well attended as the OFIC invited top high school students to come and learn about the many opportunities available at Ohio’s independent colleges.

The Hiram presentations were Shishir Adhikari’s “Reducing Computational Complexity in Polymer Modeling” (advisor: Associate Professor of Physics Mark Taylor); Maria Cynthia Martin’s “Design and Synthesis of an Arborol-Appended bis-Terpyridine Complex” (advisor: Assistant Professor of Chemistry Carol Shreiner); Dobromir Gospodinov’s “Evaluating Disability Simulations: Altering Mood, Interpersonal Attitudes, and Willingness to Help Improve College Access” (advisor: Assistant Professor of Psychology Michelle Nario-Redmond); and Kaitlin Karpinski’s “Portrayals of Infanticide in 19th Century England” (advisor: Associate Professor of History Rodney Hessinger).

Karpinski gained additional recognition for Hiram, being voted by the visiting high school students as having one of the four most engaging presentations of the symposium!

Hiram faculty members Michelle Nario-Redmond and Mark Taylor accompanied the Hiram students at this symposium.

For more information on Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges, go here. For more information on this year’s Undergraduate Research Symposium, go here.