Hiram College

Planning and preparation are the best ways to set yourself up for a strong and successful semester. Make sure you check your Moodle to see if the on-the-ground classes you are registered for in the fall are showing up yet. You will want to access the syllabi and check for first assignments as soon as possible (online classes do not have first assignments). If you are a new student, you’ll want to make sure that your log-ins are active and that you have access to your Hiram email account.

Here are some friendly tips on preparation and planning:

1. Familiarize yourself with your schedule now. Avoid day one confusion.

2. Review your syllabi and first assignments ASAP. Avoid day one surprises.

3. Cross-reference your school and work schedules, and schedule yourself regular study time. Setting scheduled study/classwork time now will help you avoid the “when in the world am I going to have time to complete all this work” thoughts later. Schedule it now, and you’ll know exactly when you are going to get it done.

4. Create or assign yourself a regular place in which to do your schoolwork. Studies show that a consistent study space helps you focus and minimizes distractions.

5. If you find yourself having difficulty with your work, seek help. Student Academic Services is a powerful resource, and they can help you set up tutoring. They also offer a variety of other academic services. Click here to see everything they offer.

Have a great semester!