Lambda Pi Eta, a national honor society for outstanding communication scholars, welcomed five new members to the Zeta Lambda chapter at Hiram College this fall. Inductees include:

  • Lauren Brewer ’22
  • Emily Chrustic ’23
  • Mellreanna Ferguson ’23
  • Carlene Kopp ’23
  • Taylor Mullen ’23

The name Lambda Pi Eta is represented by the Greek Letters L (lambda), P (pi), and H (eta) symbolizing what Aristotle described in his book, “Rhetoric” as the three modes of persuasion: Logos meaning logic, Pathos relating to emotion, and Ethos defined as character credibility and ethics.

To be a member of the honorary community, one must complete 60 semester hours of undergraduate coursework (12 of which must be in communication courses), have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (with a 3.25 in communication), be in the upper 35% of their graduating class, and be currently enrolled as a full-time student at Hiram College.

The new members of Lambda Pi Eta will work with the group President Taylor Cook and Vice President Amber Downes, both members inducted in fall 2020.


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