Hiram College

Every Wednesday during the 12-Week, the Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship hosts Fireside Chats with local entrepreneurs.

Forrest Reed and a classmate smiling in their cap and gowns for graduation

At 7 p.m. at East Hall Forum, entrepreneurs will discuss their journeys – how they started their business, what they did right, what they did wrong and where they are going next.

Oct. 22:  Developing the Secret Sauce for Success! with Forrest Reed ’14, Founder, R&R Specialty Foods.

For recent Hiram grad Forrest Reed, finding success was literally all about the sauce. As a sophomore, Forrest with the help of several classmates, took his great-grandmother’s recipe and developed it into a versatile cooking sauce called 7thSymphony, now on the shelves in 18 different store locations. Since graduation, Reed has also become a co-owner of a Guy’s Pizza franchise. Come hear how a Hiram education and hands-on experience helped this young entrepreneur.

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