Hiram College

The James H. Barrow Biological Field Station will have some material improvements complementing research opportunities made possible through the Kent H. Smith award, totaling $62,512 for calendar year 2011. This funding will have a meaningful impact on student and faculty research as well as the look and feel of the Field Station.

Approximately $10,000 of the award is allocated for forest ecology research; approximately $25,000 is allocated for native bird field research involving student and faculty projects; and approximately $25,000 is allocated for signage, installation of park-style gates at the Field Station entrances and white PVC horse farm style fencing along the Rt. 305 and Wheeler Road frontages.

Equipment and supplies will be used for data collection, photography of the beech-maple canopy that affects soil quality, metering equipment to measure light reaching the ground and storage and mounting equipment for specimen analysis and documentation. Also, banding equipment will allow students to track birds in the wild using colored bands or track individual birds using U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service bands.

The entrance gates will be consistent with those in use throughout Northeast Ohio’s local park systems, and the signage will educate the Field Station’s more than 2,500 annual visitors about native trees, plants, flowers and animals, and give a consistent look to visitor, staff and service entrances and building locations.