Hiram College

This entire Alumni Weekend 2008 may have had a lot of activity and exercise involved (the Hiram Hustle, seven-mile canoe trip, lots of walking), but it had more than its fair share of fantastic food, too. It’s a good thing I wasn’t trying to diet, because it probably would have been a lost cause – there was ample fresh fruit, which I love, but gee, I don’t get to choose from blintzes and crepes and waffles and pastries and omelets every day.

While it was really neat to see senior alumni who had graduated 50 or more years ago, and hear their stories and tell them ours, it was also equally rewarding to see so many recent alumni, with their little ones in tow, soaking up the Hiram tradition, some of them before they’re even in grade school. Who knows – maybe these little kids, accompanying their parents to Alumni Weekend, are the alumnea of the future. It’s a neat thought!