Hiram College

More than fifty faculty and staff members were honored Sept. 14, 2011, for their years of service to the college and special recognition, at the 24th Annual Employee Recognition Celebration.

Special Honors

Nancy L. Moeller Outstanding Achievement Commendation for Staff:

Professional staff winner: Jason Bricker-Thompson, Director of the Office of Civic Engagement
Finalists: Tom Mulligan, Director of Athletics and Matt Sorrick, Director the Center for Science Education

Non-Exempt staff winner: Dorothy Meyers, Application Coordinator for Admission
Finalists: Christie Borkan, Administrative Assistant in Nursing and Beverly Sorrick, Financial Services Specialist

G.A. Sywassink Award for Staff: Christine Kohls-Hunder, Director of Corporate, Government and Foundation Relations

Michael Starr Award for Faculty: Dawn Sonntag, Assistant Professor of Music

Vencl-Carr Award for Faculty: Colleen Fried, Herbert L. and Pauline Wentz Andrews Chair of Biomedical Humanities, Professor of Chemistry and Director for the Center for Literature, Medicine and Biomedical Humanities

Years of Service:

5 years: Lori Alexander, Connie Battaglia, Michael Benedict, Jason Bricker-Thompson, Andrea Caputo, Kathleen Enoch, Steve Fleming, Paul Gaffney, Davina Gosnell, Tom Grounds, Deborah Guyette, Jeff Hoedt, Bill Johnson, Steve Jones, Christine Kish, Caryl Lopez, Kathy Lushchek, Diane McBride, Jennifer Morrow, Michelle Nevling, Michael Starkey, Kristin Tassey

10 years: Betsy Bauman, Charlotte Baumbick, Ellen Dempsey, Brad Goodner, Willard Greenwood, Earl Kissell, Pam McCumbers, James McGee, Chris McMullen, Lisa Miller, Jeff Nussle, Kristen Parkinson, Laurie Rutkus, Roxanne Sorrick, Mark Taylor

15 years: Marc Freeman, Bill Fugate, Vicki Kohn, Ellen Walker

20 years: Joyce Dyer

25 years: Howard Jenter, Tom Kler

30 years: Gail Ambuske, Melanie Manno, Dorothy Meyers

40 years: Frank Hemphill