Hiram College
President Tom Chema congratulates Associate Professor of Physics Mark Taylor.

President Tom Chema congratulates Associate Professor of Physics Mark Taylor.

Faculty and staff gathered on Jan. 21 for the 26th Annual Employee Recognition Convocation. Employees were recognized for years of service and distinguished contributions to the life of the institution. Several special awards were presented, including the newly established David and Angela Carr Award and Katherine Feather Fellowship.

Michael Starr Award:  Assistant Professor of Computer Science Louis Oliphant

The purpose of the award is to encourage newly appointed faculty members to continue a career in academic life and to provide public recognition for outstanding service. Recipient:

Vencl-Carr Award: Professor of History Vivien Sandlund

Seeks to honor a faculty member who has made significant contributions to the education of students beyond the classroom and through whose efforts the special student-faculty relationship that exists at Hiram is enhanced.

David and Angela Carr Award: Associate Professor of Physics Mark Taylor

Seeks to honor a faculty member who has made significant contributions to the scholarly enterprise, either within their field of expertise or in areas that span the disciplines.

Katherine Feather Fellowship: Professor of Art Lisa Safford

Awarded to one or more honored faculty members who will provide leadership through innovation for the improvement of teaching and learning on the Hiram College campus. Recipient:

Nancy L. Moeller Outstanding Achievement Commendation for Staff: For non-exempt staff, Painter Dan Addison; for professional staff, Nancy Sauline, Assistant Director of Academic Development

Created to honor Nancy’s memory and to serve as a special annual recognition for staff members who have made extraordinary contributions to Hiram College.

G.A. Sywassink Award: Research Teaching Associate Lisa Shauver

Recognizes staff members in their first three years of service to Hiram who have performed in exemplary fashion and seeks to encourage recipients to continue to perform at the recognized high level.

“We have outstanding employees who are deeply committed to student success,” said President Tom Chema. “It was heartening to see so many members of our community turn out to honor their colleagues. It is always a very special day in the life of the college.”

The following faculty and staff members were also recognized for consecutive years of service:

5 years of service

Diane Beeman, Michael Blackie, Christie Borkan, Allyson Carney, Cara Constance, Audrey Cunningham, Don Fleming, Nick Hirsch, Brittany Jackson, Shane Kardos, Mary Ann King, Emily McClung, Mary Lou McKinney, Jeff Mongold, Margaret Palmentera, Pat Roberts, Carl Skorepa, Dawn Sonntag, James Thompson and Jenifer Warren.

10 years of service

Linda Blackstone, Mike Buckholdt, Tom Chema, Sherman Dean, Eric Riedel, Chris Ryan, Matt Sorrick, Anita Stocz, Ginny Taylor and Frank Ventura

15 years of service

David Everett, Missie Mallinak, Liz Okuma, Janet Pope, Gail Shuss and Dottie Summerlin

20 years of service

Sue Boyle, Colleen Fried, Ella Kirk and Laura Van Wormer Andy

25 years of service

Sam Adams, Janet Artino, Tim Bryan and Lisa Safford

30 years of service

Peg Minard

35 years of service

Jeff Parker