Hiram College

Faculty and staff were recognized for excellence in teaching and the workplace, as well as years of service to the college, at the annual Employee Recognition Dinner on Sept. 13, 2012.

The following special honors were awarded:

Nancy L. Moeller Outstanding Achievement Commendation for Staff:

  • Non-exempt staff winner: Yvonne Sherwood, College Relations Administrative/Graphic Design Assistant
  • Professional staff winner: Lynn Kostrab, Director of Human Resources

G.A. Sywassink Award:

  • Sam Morgano, Director of the Physical Plant

Michael Starr Award:

  • Amanda Armeni, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Vencl-Carr Award:

  • Roxanne Sorrick, Associate Professor and Chair of Teacher Education

The following employees were recognized for years of service to Hiram College:

5 years of service

Duane Adolphson, Heather Arbuckle, Deborah Dean, Karen Donley-Hayes, Ashley Durst, Nicole Gatrell, Asha Goodner, Janis Gribble, Yolanda Grubaugh, Kathy Hite, Ryan Honomichl, Chris Klinger, Tom Koehnle, Barbara Kundus, Jennifer LaBenne, Sarah Mabey, Jody Modarelli, Caroline Nagy, Michelle Nario-Redmond, Terrie Nielson, Andrea Preston, Mary Quade, Tracy Rowe, Pam Scholl, Carol Shreiner and Jeff Swenson

10 years of service

Colin Anderson, Jill Corbett, Bryan Drennen, Tricia Fincham, Jennifer Miller, Tom Mulligan, Sandy Pettry, Bree Semplak, Bev Sorrick,  Xinlu Yu and Liz Zerucha

15 years of service

Caroline Gray, Lynn Kostrab, Lou Lanese, Candy Painley, Lisa Schneider and Barb Wood

20 years of service

Sue Griggs, Bonnie Richardson and Detra West

25 years of service

Linda Bourassa, Jimmy Buchanan, Randy Fusco and Denise Sadler

30 years of service

Mike Corr and Kathryn Craig

35 years of service

Rosanne Factor