Hiram College

Exam time is here, even if the schedule is not exactly as had been originally planned (thanks to the weather-induced early spring break). Here’s a reminder of how the ammended week will flow:

The 12 week classes continue until Tuesday, April 8th: Monday the 7th will follow a WEDNESDAY schedule, and Tuesday the 8th will follow a THURSDAY schedule.

Wednesday, April 9th will be a reading day.

The final exam schedule will be condensed into two days – Thursday and Friday. Students, particularly student athletes, should communicate with their professors regarding scheduling conflicts that may occur on account of this modification. Any student with more than two exams on a single day can contact his or her professors to discuss an accommodation.

We will have a shortened term break, and the 3-week classes will resume as scheduled on Wednesday, April 16th.

The Weekend College Schedules is unchanged from that originally reported.

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