Hiram College

The ethics center will conduct its annual teach-in on Tuesday, September 9, 2008, around the flagpole on the campus green, from 12 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. (the rain date is Thursday, September 11).

This teach-in kicks off the program year, and this year’s theme is sustainability. This ethics center annual theme program began on September 12, 2001, says Chaplain, Professor of Religious Studies, and Foote Chair in Ethics Jonathan Moody, “in direct response to the events that rocked our nation the day before. We gathered on the green in many circles and pondered the events of the world through the various lenses of our faculty disciplines and concerns. The following year we revisited the same green to reflect on what we had learned about ourselves in the year since 9/11. We have continued the practice, though we no longer focus primarily on terrorism or the actions that compelled us initially. Now we focus on the theme of the year, recognizing that everything is connected and we are always reflecting on who we are and how we got here and how we relate to the broader world and they to us.”

The teach-in is an opportunity to engage interested students in an area of your interest, a little less formally. If you are new to Hiram, come look this year, or you may have an interest in sustainability and a wish to be involved immediately.

This year’s teach-in will several workshops; each one will run twice, for about 45 minutes at a time.

·     “The sustainability of water” – Michael Benedict, Environmental Studies

·     “Sustainability of a critically endangered species” – Janice Mock, Director of Operations & Animal Programs, James H. Barrow Biological Field Station

·     “Sustaining solutions without alienating your adversaries” (conflict resolution) – Roger F. Cram, College Relations

·     “Sustainability of excellence in sports – how far is too far?” – Carl Capellas, Men’s Soccer Coach

·     “Food vs. fuel” (some issues with moving some of our agriculture to ethanol production) – Matt Hils, Biology

·     “The Word of the Lorax: – A workshop/reading of Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” – Betsy Bauman, Theater

·     “Consumerism and the environment: Can you buy your way to sustainability?” – Sarah E. Mabey, Environmental Studies

·     “Should we teach children about sustainability?” – Roxanne and Matt Sorrick, Education

·     “Non-Profit, Public Policy and Healthcare: Fundraising through the collective power of individuals” – Jody M. Modarelli, Biochemistry

·     “Going Green at Hiram” – Jason Bricker-Thompson, Chaplain

·     “Who Do We Think We Are?” (Cosmology and a sustainable earth) – Jon Moody, Ethics Center

·     “V is for Vegetable: Growing a Victory Garden” – Mary Quade, English

·     “Loved to Death: Art Tourism and its Impact on Cultural Sites” – Chris Ryan and Lisa Safford, Art

·     “What is Sustainability and is it Always a Good Thing?” – Colin Anderson, Philosophy

·     “Religion and Economics in Bhutan: Sustainability and Gross National Happiness” – Kerry Skora, Religious Studies, and Steve Zabor, Environmental Studies

·     “Sustainability Issues at End-of-Life” – Davina Gosnell and Emily McClung, Nursing

·     “Sustaining Relationships in the Transition to College” – Sandy Madar, Dean’s office

The Annual Teach-in is an event of the Center for the Study of Ethics and Values.