Hiram College

The Hiram Ethics Bowl Team is competing Saturday, Dec. 1, at the Law School of Loyola University of Chicago’s Water Tower Campus in the Upper Midwest Regional Ethics Bowl Competition. They will be competing against sixteen other teams from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota. This competition determines who will compete in the National Competition in March 2013 in Texas.

This year’s team includes Rachel Petrack ’13, Noah Sittler ’14, Jordan Pelavin ‘15, Broc Wilson ‘15, Megan Jennings ’16 and Faith Lemon ’16, advised by the Arlene and George Foote Chair in Ethics and Philosophy Professor Colin Anderson. The team has been preparing their arguments all semester and will compete in four rounds of debate on topics as varied as the ethics of jokes about rape, gay conversion therapy, student loan forgiveness, family law under India’s constitution and paid maternity leave.

Ethics Bowl is a national intercollegiate competition, sponsored by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, in which students present ethical analyses of randomly selected cases that they have prepared prior to the competition. Presenting without notes, they are scored on the clarity of their presentation, their avoidance of ethically irrelevant issues, their identification of the central ethical issues of the case, their awareness of other possible viewpoints, as well as their ability to respond to criticisms and questions from the other team and the judges.