Hiram College

Chagrin Falls High School senior Alexander Amata

Chagrin Falls High School senior Alexander Amata won first place in the Realize U idea challenge, a competition for budding entrepreneurs co-sponsored by Hiram College and the Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation.

In today’s fast-paced world, the pursuit for better designs, more effective technology, and a safer, smarter world is on. This month, high school entrepreneur students from Chagrin Falls rose to the challenge. The young entrepreneurs presented their ideas at Realize U, a program created in partnership with Hiram College’s Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship. Jay Schach, entrepreneurship teacher at Chagrin Falls High School and adjunct professor at Hiram College, wanted to give students an experience that would prepare them for the real world. He says it is essential for  budding entrepreneurs to be able to formulate their ideas and express them effectively to an audience. “This is what businesses are looking for,” Schach says.

Realize U was inspired by Hiram’s own Ideablitz! competition, through which students develop and present enterprise ideas to a panel of judges for the chance to win cash awards.

Kay Molkentin, director of Hiram’s Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship, joined school Realize U competition as a judge. “I was impressed with the level and complexity of the ideas, as well as the quality of the presentations,” she says.

One notable presentation proposed an idea to maximize advertising potential during sporting events. Chagrin Falls senior Alexander Amata, presented his idea called, “Targeted Advertisement Systems.” The system would use research from Google analytics in order to customize in-field and on-court advertisements for viewers. Turns out Amata’s Realize U presentation was right on target. The young entrepreneur placed first in the completion and was awarded $750 for his innovation.