Hiram College

The Hiram College Center for Deciphering Life’s Languages will host its Inaugural Symposium, April 4, 2008.

Big business is investing in its future – by facilitating the education of its future employees. This education occurs daily at Hiram. Real research is conducted by all Hiram undergraduate science students. They are tomorrow’s big-world scientists, learning by doing, starting in their first year at Hiram – and even before – through the high school outreach program.

Today’s questions will be answered by today’s students. Questions such as, what can bacterial genomes teach us about future energy sources? How will knowledge of human genetic variation impact medicine? How can we promote new interactions of plants and microbes to benefit agriculture?

A sampling of some of the events include: “Every Gene Tells a Story” Informational Art Exhibition (throughout the symposium); Collaborative STEM research as teaching and motivational tool in high schools; “Biology in Space: Visionary Scientific Possibilities of our Time”; hands-on laboratory activities with past participants of Hiram College’s genomics academies and outreach programs; “Preparing Students, Parents and Teachers to Thrive in a Gene Age”; The biotechnology industry; Biotech entrepreneurship. The keynote address will be “Genomics as a Tool to Study Bacterial Pathogens” by Victor DiRita, professor, department of microbiology and immunology and unit of lab animal medicine, University of Michigan Medical School.

Learn more and register online at alumni.hiram.edu. The Center for Deciphering Life’s Languages is one of eight Centers of Excellence at Hiram College. For details, go toexcellence.hiram.edu.