Hiram College

Classes are out (for the most part), but many of our students are spending their summer (or part of it) at Hiram. From camps to internships to summer jobs, students have many opportunities for engagement over the summer. From time to time, we will showcase the work these students are doing.

EMERGING WRITERS WORKSHOP IN CREATIVE NONFICTION: When high school students come to the Emerging Writers Workshop at Hiram College, it’s often the first time they’re surrounded by others who share their passion for writing.

It’s also the first time many are exposed to the creative nonfiction genre and the first time they edit their work with a tutor.

As a camp counselor and writing assistant, Beau Bradley ’12 helped the campers with all those transitions during the three writing-intensive days they spent on campus, June 23-25. Through that, he encouraged them to develop their gift .

“It’s fun to tell them that they’re all probably the best writers at their high school,” said Bradley, an English and religious studies major. “It’s iron shaping iron.”

Last summer, Bradley, who is a writing assistant throughout the school year,  continued that role into the yearly writing workshop.  He worked one-on-one with the students on their writing, editing and coaching them so they were prepared for the workshop’s culmination – a reading to their families and friends on the last day of camp. This year, he served not just as a writing assistant, but as a camp counselor as well – so he helped build camaraderie among the group and got them excited about the opportunities in higher education that await them.

“I like that the kids are really looking forward to college,” Bradley said. “I like to tell them what it’s like to be a college student. They have lots of questions.”

He said Hiram is a great setting for these emerging writers to get a feel for where their talents can go and it’s a great way for him to pass on his own knowledge.

“It’s cool to see that there’s other kids out there who like (writing),” he said. “Here, they see people studying writing and they meet with professors who have had their work published. “