Hiram College

We are conducting a test of our emergency communications systems. These are the ways by which Hiram College may communicate a disruption of services:

1.      Information Line at 330.569.5959
2.      A campus-wide voice mail (Hiram extensions only)
3.      A campus-wide email (Hiram email only)
4.      A campus-wide text message
5.      A special notice on www.hiram.edu
6.      Faculty and staff phone tree

Please use this time to be sure that you are able to retrieve messages from these sources. Hiram College employees who expect to receive a text message and fail to do so during this test should contact Director of Human Resources Lynn Kostrab.

In some cases, one or more method may be unavailable for communications, so it is important to verify your access to all of them.

As you know, we developed a phone tree for all departments. We will use this phone tree to contact employees individually in the event of a services disruption. Again, please use this time to verify your department’s phone tree and calling procedure.

Thank you for your attention.