Hiram College

Elizabeth Arps ’10, who completed an independent study about breed specific legislation (BSL) last year with Carol Shreiner, assistant professor of chemistry, had part of her research published in a magazine article in “Haute Dog,” a local Texas magazine. The article “Don’t Discriminate Against My Dog,” was also published on the Animal Law Coalition website.

Arps had the goal to create an information brochure about bully breeds and BSL, and drafted letters to members of congress about the bill to accompany the brochure. This article is a result of her efforts from her study. She is currently at Tufts Veterinary School, where she is pursuing her masters in Animals & Public Policy, which is her passion. Arps also completed an internship with the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association, where she researched and wrote a bill to prohibit breed specific legislation in the state of Massachusetts.