Hiram College

Earth Day is here! So join us in the celebrations, which will be on Saturday, April 26, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (and beyond). Come join the fun, learn a lot, and do something good for the planet and yourself.


Time Event Location
6 a.m. Movie Kennedy Center
7 a.m. Movie Kennedy Center
8 a.m. Litter pick up Kennedy Center
9 a.m. Talk on climate change (Matt Sorrick) Kennedy Center
10 a.m. World map activity Kennedy Center
11 a.m. Discussion of seeds and native plants Nature hike (Sarah Mabey)
12 p.m. Bike fixin’ (cont’)
1 p.m. Lorax/coloring Kennedy Center
2 p.m. Worms/free store openhouse Wetlands planting (Matt Hils & Michael Benedict)
3 p.m. Pads/tampaction (cont’)
4 p.m. Energy audits (Steve Zabor) (cont’)
5 p.m. Open mic/local foods talk Kennedy Center
6 p.m. Cookout! Kennedy Center
Nighttime Observatory Kennedy Center


Plus participate in any or all of notebook-making; stencil-making; chalking; coloring contest; mural painting; petition signing; condom give-aways; garbage display; sprout planting.