Hiram College

Earth Day observances around the world have often focused on combating threats to the environment, but this year Hiram’s Earth Day will be more like a weekend festival and “American Idol” rolled into one.

Though Earth Day will be celebrated across the planet on April 22, the group of Hiram students organizing Hiram’s Earth Day have dedicated a whole weekend of family-friendly activities with environmentally themed speakers, workshops on the environment, a picnic, film, live theater and an open mic opportunity for wannabe “Idols.”

The festivities, titled “Handprints, Not Footprints: Earth Weekend at Hiram College,” kick off Saturday April 21 at 1:30 p.m. on the green outside Frohring Performing Arts Center, with the open mic singers and musicians who want to showcase their talent, followed by a full day of speakers, workshops, a cookout and bonfire in the evening.

One of the highlights will be the showing of “Your Environmental Road Trip” , an independent film that examines some of the strides people across the country are taking to be more eco-friendly. The screening will be in East Hall at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, and the film’s producer,  Mark Dixon will be on hand to discuss the film after the showing.

“We’re really trying to focus on the positives this weekend,” said senior Rebecca Moseley, one of the organizers. “We’ll encourage people to take a look at the issues and see what people are doing to fix them.”

Other high points will be workshops will be led by students and faculty, including professor of theater arts, Rick Hyde and Sarah Mabey, Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Hiram’s Environmental Studies Program.

Sunday’s activities kick off at 1 p.m. with an Earth Day fair outside Frohring PAC, with booths and exhibits on a variety of topics, including sustainability and student research projects, henna artists, face painting, and some animal visitors, followed at 4:30 p.m. by an Eco Theater production in the Renner black box theater. Both days will have child friendly events, including face painting, animals, music, and stories.

Explaining the title of the weekend festivities, Moseley said the term “handprints” is being used to describe the positive things people are doing for the planet, as opposed to the term “carbon footprint” that usually describes negative effects on the environment.

“Humans are an essential part of the planet” she said. “We need to start thinking about how humans can help the environment. We want handprints, not footprints. This Earth Day, Hiram College will be celebrating the Earth, and everything it means to us.”

A schedule for the festivities is as follows:


Saturday April 21:

1:30pm: Open Mic on the Frohring Green

2:30: Opening speakers and remarks

3-5:30pm: Earth Workshops (Shakespeare and Nature, Handprint Mosaic, Being Sustainable Panels, Gardening time, and more)

5:30: Picnic Cookout on the Green (Provided by Hiram Co-op and AVI)

6:30: A screening of the film “Your Environmental Road Trip” followed by discussion

8:45: Depart with vans to FS bonfire event (sign-ups will take place the week before)


Sunday, April 22:

1-4pm: Earth Day fair, including Eco-theatre, sustainability, and student research projects. 2:30pm: African Drums

4:30pm: Eco-theatre performance, and closing of the fair


To become part of the exciting Earth Day lineup, please contact Rebecca Moseley at moseleyrj@my.hiram.edu .