Hiram College

Well, maybe. Here’s what it boils down to: If you make (or have made) a donation to the Hiram Fund during the 2007-2008 fiscal year (ending June 30, 2008), you are entered into a drawing to win a quilt – hand made for Hiram, by a Hiram alumna, specifically to generate philanthropy among other alumnae.

Ellie Foster Monroe ’64 has given back to her alma mater year after year. This year, she wants to encourage others to give to Hiram as well. Ellie was a first generation College student, and it was financial assistance, partly enabled through Hiram Fund, that allowed Ellie to gain her education. So, she feels driven about doing her part to give back. And what better way to do that then by donating something of herself, something specific to Hiram, the purpose of which is to encourage donations – why? Because each donation nets a “ticket” to win the quilt.

After Ellie retired from a career in social work, she began quilting, and she’s never looked back. Although she briefly considered a second career quilting professionally, she went the philanthropic route instead. She calls them “Quilts for Causes,” and donates them to benefit non-profit organizations about which she cares. Through these quilts, she explains, “I can help an organization raise awareness and money in ways that go beyond what I can give personally.”

She estimates that she’s “made over 100, probably closer to 200, quilts in the last four years – most of them baby quilts.” Most of her quilts she donates through Faith, Hope, & Charity Stitches, which then gives to hospitals and charities.

Ellie has gained recognition for the quality of her work, as well. She was awarded the Citizen Recognition Award by Summit Psychological Services in March of 2008. She was also the recipient of the People’s Choice Award at the Streetsboro Guild Show in October 2007.

Inspired by the view from the east-facing windows of the Kennedy Center, Ellie created a landscape quilt – with the express purpose of persuading others to participate in the College’s annual giving program. Giving of herself and her talents to Hiram is a personal way that Ellie can contribute – plus, all those who donate to the Hiram Fund have a chance to win her quilt, and therein receive something tangible, singularly Hiram, and entirely unique.

For Ellie, donating her quilt to generate donations to the Hiram Fund is a hugely personal way of giving back – and encouraging other friends and alumnae to give. Such generosity helps pay the way for students to gain their education at Hiram – just as it did for Ellie many years ago.

Make your contribution at http://giveto.hiram.edu or by contacting the Office of Annual Giving toll free at 800.705.5050.