Hiram College

Senior Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residential Education Mike Corr helped 20 Garfield High School Marching Band members develop better leadership skills last month.

Corr was asked by Joe Gaither ’07, assistant band director at James A. Garfield School District, to do a Leadership Training workshop for the Section Leaders of the band. The workshop took place on Wednesday, July 21, at the high school. The students and Corr shared over two and a half hours of leadership activities and experiences designed to help them better understand themselves, how to be good teammates and what it means to be a positive team leader.

“I believe that it was a very successful program judging by the feedback I have received from the band directors and the students who participated,” Corr said. “I also think it’s a good example of how Hiram College can partner with the local school systems to promote the kinds of programs we want students to be participating in.”