Hiram College

The Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship will present a convocation with its Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow, Harriet Rubin, at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 6, in the Kennedy Center Ballroom.

Rubin will present “Thinking Big in the Gig Economy.” Students today are among the newest members of the “gig economy.” Over 42 million Americans are working independently today. They are freelancers, part timers, consultants, contractors, artisans, the self employed — and they are cut loose of the country’s historic promise, which is entrance into a job based system of health care provision, unemployment insurance and collective bargaining rights.

Is a gig a job? What do successful gigsters have in common? How can one make a living gigging? And is it a career at all? Those are some questions Rubin will answer. She has covered gigsters who start small and think big, who find ways to make money outside the mainstream economy yet have an impact upon it. She will talk about how these people have used their artistic spirit in deeply personal ways to reorganize society around them.

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