Hiram College

The ACM club, the computer science club on campus, sent a computer science team to compete in the annual Carnegie Mellon Spring Programming Contest on March 27th, 2010.

This year the contest was sponsered by IMC Financial Markets and consisted of nine story problems all revolving around a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” theme.

Each team was given a packet of questions, one computer, and a stack of paper for the five hour long competition.

“For each question the team needed to write a program which could handle all situations for the given scenario,” Louis Oliphant, assistant professor of computer science explained. “Once the program was written it is submitted to a judge, who tests the program on a set of possible scenarios. If the program has the correct output for all scenarios and finishes within the allotted time then the program is counted as correct. Scoring is based upon the number of correct responses and how long it takes to come up with the correct response. So creating programs accurately and quickly is important in the team’s performance.”

Team HI-RAM consisted of Cory Shields, a junior computer science major; Stefan Maurer, a senior computer science major and Will Mooney, a senior computer science major. Of the nine problems given, HI-RAM correctly answered four problems, which placed them tenth out of the 19 teams competing. The first place team correctly answered seven of the nine problems.