Hiram College

You are invited to hear the senior communication majors present their original research projects. Presentations will begin at 7 p.m. Each senior will have 15-20 minutes to present his or her findings and then welcome questions from the audience. All of the presentations will be delivered in the McDowell Instruction Room in the Library. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 16: Media, Culture and Communication
Amanda Miller: “Don’t Cry for me Argentina, but Cry for me America”
Aurellia Nugroho: “Under Pressure: Print Media Manipulation during the 2009 Indonesian Presidential Election”

Thursday, March 18: Mediated Communication
Midori Shiroyama: “Cultural Differences in U.S. and Japanese Pink Ribbon Websites:”
Kim Miller: “Health in the Media: How Coverage of Health-Related Stories Varies Between Cable News Websites”
Eileen McIver: “Perceptions of Suicide in the Media: The Influence of the Third Person Effect”

Tuesday, March 23: Intercultural Communication
Noora Alie: “Generational Influences on the Life of an Arab-American”
Danielle Fisher: “Culture Shock at Hiram College”
Pratisha Shrestha: “Opinions on Racial Profiling: Does Nationality and Status Matter”

Thursday, March 25: Athletics & Society
Akram Harrison: “Nike Crowns LeBron James King”
Terra Carlson: “Media Effects: Female Athletes and Sports Illustrated”
Tyrone Mixon: “A Cultural Transformation through Tattoos”

Tuesday, March 30: Relational Communication
Alex Dellas: “College Students and Platonic Cross-Sex Friendships”
Mallory Augustyn: “Tell Me that You Love Me”
Joshua Withers: “Love and Lust: The Perfect Couple”