Hiram College

Students who spent the summer completing an internship or research project can present their work to the Hiram community on Monday, September 26, at the Celebration of Research.

Whether the project was a capstone requirement, graduate or professional school requirement or just for personal fulfillment, presenting at the Celebration of Research can add additional value to the experience because presenting work to a broad audience isĀ  a valuable skill for any career – and a great addition to a resume. Seeing and hearing about the internship and research experiences Hiram students complete is also valuable to faculty and staff and younger students.

Students who wish to have their work showcased at the Celebration of Research should email an abstract (Word file) and poster (PowerPoint or PDF file) to Cara Constance at constancecm@hiram.edu by September 9. The abstract must include the following information:

  • Title of project
  • Authors (include faculty co-authors)
  • Location (where project was carried out)
  • Source of Funding, if any
  • Abstract (250 words or fewer)

Please contact Carol Shreiner at shreinercd@hiram.edu with any questions about submissions or the event.