Hiram College

Dear Hiram Community,

As I write today’s note, I am recalling a snippet I heard when I interviewed here seven years ago. A member of the Athletics Department told me that the Hiram Terrier was no ordinary dog but rather an animal of great tenacity and unwavering loyalty—one that was inclined to hold on and not let go. And soI write to you tonight in the spirit of the fighting Terrier. Let’s take hold together and not let go of the goals we have set for ourselves and our community. We can do this together.

So, here’s the latest we have to share. 

Tomorrow, we begin our first day of remote, synchronous learning; classes will be held at the same time they would have been held had they been on campus. Students outside of the Eastern Time Zone will need to calibrate their day by aligning with the “Hiram clock” and schedule, unless they have made prior arrangements with their professors. As everyone knows now, classes will be conducted through Zoom. Students, you can access the Zoom links for your classes in one of two ways: 

  • Via Moodle—if you have been using Moodle this semester, you should be able to visit the Moodle course site (online.hiram.edu) to find the Zoom link for the course. It is prominently posted on the main course page.
  • Via the Student Portal (my.hiram.edu)—log into the portal and click the **Remote Learning – Zoom links** link. This will direct you to a list of Zoom links for all courses. This list has search functionality where you can search by instructor or course name.

Be sure to contact the Help Desk at 330-569-5313 or helpdesk@hiram.edu with any questions.

Beyond tomorrow, the Senior Cabinet is continuing our daily meetings in an effort to make real-time decisions and future-focused ones as well. We understand that many of you want to know where we are in terms of the 3-week session, commencement activities, summer classes, Alumni Weekend, and more. While we are talking about all of those things, we have not made definitive decisions on any of them just yet. The reason: None of us can predict how long the mitigating measures we have put in place will last or if we will need to become even more restrictive (or creative, depending on your frame of mind) in the days and weeks to come. We will continue to use the data available to us to make the best-informed decisions we can in the days and weeks ahead. 

At some point, these campus notes may cease to come out on a daily basis. For now, however, make sure to check your Hiram email at least a few times each day. You should also visit www.hiram.edu/coronavirus/ at least once a day. That is the place where we are posting the most up-to-date information. Also know this: In an effort to ward off text fatigue, we will not send an emergency text notification moving forward unless we have emergent, time-sensitive news to share with you. 


Let’s go into tomorrow and the next day with a “can-do” attitude. Lots of things have changed in a short period of time, but some important ones have stayed the course. Until next time, steady as she goes…

Your President,

President Varlotta Signature

Lori Varlotta