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Dear faculty, staff, and students,

On this quintessentially beautiful fall day, I write to share good news on several fronts. The first item relates to the international partnership we have with John Cabot University (JCU) in Rome, Italy.

Last week, I had the good fortune of visiting JCU to rekindle the relationship we have shared with this institution for 45 years. My purpose in visiting our wonderful colleagues there was to see if we could expand — at both institutions — students’ options in majors. It would be very exciting if Hiram students could earn a degree in a major we currently do not offer, like economics for example, by taking three years of coursework here and then traveling to Rome to take the final year of economics at John Cabot. In turn, I am hoping that President Franco Pavoncello and Dean Mary Merva could send a small number of JCU seniors to Hiram to take a final year in a program we have or are building that they do not offer.

Along with building international pathways, I am pleased to report we will be making necessary improvements to the paths and driveways that most need our attention. Thanks to the generosity of a number of donors including Mark ‘60 and Anne Logan, Rich ‘66 and Sue Pejeau ‘66, Walt ‘65 and Marilyn Peckinpaugh, and Bruce ‘71 and Karen Shylo, a work crew will begin to pave the Kennedy Center parking lot, the lot adjacent to it, the drive that wraps around the Quad, and the walking path down the hill to the Coleman Center. Another campus improvement project supported by these same donors will allow us to replace 144 windows in our beloved Kennedy Center. These efforts, combined with a number of other campus improvement projects in the works, are all a part of the Vision 20/20 fundraising campaign.

Speaking of this new campaign, the development team and I will travel to Cleveland this evening where we will officially kick off this campaign that calls us to raise $20 million in cash and $20 million in pledges and planned gifts by June 2020. Tonight’s event will bring us to the splendid home of Trustee James Graham ‘88 and his partner, David Dusek. The reception, sponsored by Trustee Anthony Payiavlas and AVI, will be attended by 60 of Hiram’s most weighty contributors. It will be the perfect opportunity to bring everyone up to speed on the New Liberal Arts and to connect donor interests to College needs.

Some of those very donors will be on campus for the rest of the week for our Fall 2018 Board of Trustees meeting. Be sure to say hello to the 30 Trustees you will see walking around campus over the next few days. Our meeting starts this afternoon and runs until Saturday morning, and most of our 40-person Board will be attending the meeting in person.

Let me end by saying, take advising very seriously this week and power up for the last third of the 12-week term.

Your President,

President Varlotta Signature

Lori Varlotta