Hiram College

By Arnold Hayes ’86

At the 2008 Alumni Weekend celebration – “Celebrating Tradition” – two traditions were combined – the popular Bread & Soup night combined with the popular “Meet the Profs” lunch to make a Bread and Soup Lunch on Saturday afternoon, June 14, in Dix Dining Hall.

Even though I graduated 22 years ago, and had informally attended many Alumni Weekends, this was the first in which I actually registered for and participated in scheduled events. In the past, I hovered around the perimeter waiting for random acts of bawdiness to break out. not this year.

At Saturday’s Bread & Soup meal, found myself seated with my in-laws, Al and Carol Donley (’63 & ’60, respectively); Barbara Klingman ’71, Rama Schinagle Riemenschneider ’66, Sherm Riemenschneider ’65, and Professor Emeritus Robert Sawyer. I went in expecting all sorts of talk about education and music and books and stuff.

Instead, a good part of the luncheon was spent reminiscing about the late Professor Don Dooley. I learned that he was a very conservative man who, in his spare time, made toast tongs from walnut and wrote racy limericks in a black book. Carol related one occasion in the Hiram Post Office where Professor Dooley loudly recited one of his limericks about a lass from Madras who had a beautiful…well, you get the point (it actually ended up being a donkey).

As for the food, yowza is the best word I can come up with to describe it. I had cold cucumber soup with a dollop of sour cream, which was actually for the borscht, but they couldn’t very well take it away from me. There was oodles of bread and all sorts of fresh fruit. As for the borscht, I didn’t try it, but Al said it was a bit on the spicy side. Carol got some for herself and the near explosion of her pupils indicated Al was right. After Carol recovered, the rest of the lunch passed in relative calm.

It was neat to have so many people from so many different eras of the College all together, reminiscing and laughing about the same thing, and enjoying a great meal in the traditions of the school. Bread & Soup was always popular, and judging by the attendance and quality of this Alumni Weekend lunch, that doesn’t look to change any time soon!