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As the Spring 12-Week came to an end, many students began packing their suitcases to go overseas for three weeks. Hannah Petcovic ’13, is traveling to China — she’ll be blogging about everything from the new dishes she tries to the conversations she attempts — as she spends her Spring 3-Week studying abroad.

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We’ve now spent our first day in Beijing!

There’s not much to say about the 13-hour flight other than it was difficult to sleep and airplane food still needs to be perfected. It was also strange that the entire time we flew in daylight.

After we landed my energy was renewed as we walked into the airport. Customs and baggage claim went well. The interesting part came when we took the bus to our hotel. Driving in China is a little stressful, and we saw firsthand some of the things we read about. For example, honking is very common, and the pattern and amount of honks all have a different meaning!

The bus ride drove us through our first glimpses of the city, which was a mix of new and old buildings. Our hotel is beautiful, and we are learning to get by without drinking water from the faucet.

Last night we went to our first dinner. We sat about 10 at a table, and the dishes were sat in the  center on a revolving glass center piece. We spun the centerpiece to share food with everyone. The food was very flavorful and spicy; we had about 10 dishes, and my favorite dish was dumplings with pork and vegetables.

After dinner I was so exhausted from jetlag I fell asleep at 8:30!  I can’t believe it, but I woke up at 5:30, and have been reading about Beijing and the Great Wall. Now the next part of my day is to see the Great Wall, explore the food and many other suprises.

Something that is hard to get used to so far is the currency. One U.S. dollar is equal to 6.5 Chinese Yuan, so I am constantly multiplying and dividing by six.

Hannah Petcovic is blogging during her Spring 3-Week trip to China. Read more about Hannah and her trip overseas.