Hiram College

As the Spring 12-Week came to an end, many students began packing their suitcases to go overseas for three weeks. Hannah Petcovic ’13, is traveling to China — she’ll be blogging about everything from the new dishes she tries to the conversations she attempts — as she spends her Spring 3-Week studying abroad.

“Take a toothbrush in your carry, roll your clothes instead of folding them for more space, it might be useful to grab a dictionary”- Any other suggestions? I need all the advice I can get for my trip to China! We arrived today after a 13-hour flight from Newark.

My passion is travel. The first big trip I took was in the sixth grade when my aunt happened to have an extra ticket to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. After that, I was hooked.

Eventually I found myself traveling internationally, making the most of every moment in Spain, Switzerland and France. Something about collecting passport stamps, the thrill of first stepping into new country, and the eye opening realizations of the ways people live their lives, are irresistible. So I always knew I would study abroad with Hiram, and after a lot of research decided on China.

Between the transforming economy and rich ancient culture, I know I’m in for something I’ve never experienced before. Of course I want to see the big attractions, like the Great Wall and Beijing Opera, but I’m also looking forward to simpler joys — haggling in the market or eating something that could be one of those bizarre food shows on the Travel Channel.

Hannah Petcovic is blogging during her Spring 3-Week trip to China. Read more about Hannah and her trip overseas.