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Katy Hale ’14 is participating in her second study abroad, this time to Florence, Italy, with Associate Professor of Art Christopher Ryan and several other Hiram College students. She will be blogging about everything from the delicious Italian cuisine to the planes, trains and automobiles that are needed to traverse the Italian countryside.

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Katy writes …

One of the many wonderful things about Florence is the street life around the city. On any given afternoon you can be strolling down the street and find artists, musicians and other amazing things!

On one of our first afternoons in Florence, for example, we witnessed a spray paint artist working on the street. He was able to create realistic “photos” using layers of spray paint. Another street artist created a close-up of Venus from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, which we saw in person a few days ago at the Uffizi Gallery.

dog-smWe have also had our fair share of gypsy experiences, including one who stole pizza from a guy’s table and started eating it right in front of him! Another “beggar” was actually a dog! When we went to take a picture, the owner wanted us to pay him for the photo!

One of the coolest experiences on the streets of Florence, however, was Notte Bianca or “White Night”, a huge arts revival festival. All night long musicians played music and street performers created installation pieces throughout the city. Walking back to our hotel that night from dinner was so much fun (although being kept up by Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” played with wooden flutes outside our windows was not as much fun)!

I can’t wait to soak up these last few days with the group in Florence! Ciao!

– Katy

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