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Katy Hale ’14 is participating in her second study abroad, this time to Florence, Italy, with Associate Professor of Art Christopher Ryan and several other Hiram College students. She will be blogging about everything from the delicious Italian cuisine to the planes, trains and automobiles that are needed to traverse the Italian countryside.

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Our third day in Florence was a day of contrasts. We began the morning with a climb to the top of the Duomo. This meant we had to climb 463 steps, inside the dome. It was a steep climb, but well worth the workout! We reached the top of the dome and were able to see the entire city. It was a beautiful sight!

After we climbed back down, we explored the Church of Santa Maria de Fiore, where the Duomo is located. It was cool to see how far we had climbed from a new perspective. Then we were able to go into the crypts under the church where the old Roman churches had been located 2,000 years ago!

Later on in the day we took a bus to Fiesole, a small hilltop Etruscan town about twenty minutes outside of Florence. We were able to explore the Archaeological Museum, which included ruins of the old town. The juxtaposition between our cramped journey up the Duomo and the wide open expanses of Fiesole was mind-blowing. We were able to see the entire city of Florence from a new vantage point, and it was the only way we could see the entire dome at once.

Once we got back into Florence we were all exhausted from the long day — we got a good night’s sleep that night!! Check back for more on our Italian adventure!




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