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Katy Hale ’14 is participating in her second study abroad, this time to Florence, Italy, with Associate Professor of Art Christopher Ryan and several other Hiram College students. She will be blogging about everything from the delicious Italian cuisine to the planes, trains and automobiles that are needed to traverse the Italian countryside.

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On April 19, 2013, Katy writes…

Arrivederci Hiram! Ciao Firenze!! (or rather, ciao airports). We are officially on the way to Italy! In fact, I am writing this post on the plane to Chicago, where we will have our first layover. Then we will be off to Franfurt, and finally we will arrive in Florence around 6:00AM EST.

Arriving and meeting my class at the ticket counter brings back memories of my first study abroad trip to Greece and Turkey. Although the trips are wildly different, I am equally excited for both trips abroad!

Some of the major differences between the two trips:

  • The Greece/Turkey group was much larger, with eighteen students and two professors, plus one professor’s wife; this trip only has nine students and one professor.
  • In Greece and Turkey, we stayed in about fifteen different hotels in twenty-eight days; we will be centered in Florence for the entire Italy study abroad.
  • We only had one layover on the way to Greece and Turkey, instead of the two on this trip. The downside: our layover was over 8 hours long in NYC.

18+ hours later… We have arrived in Florence FINALLY!! After a nine hour flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, then a four hour layover and a short one hour flight to Florence, we can finally begin our amazing trip. We are so tired that no one whined about carrying our luggage to our rooms — up four flights of stairs. Our views are amazing and the rooms are nice and comfy.

We are all happy to have arrived and are ready to begin our Italian adventure in Florence! Ciao for now!

– Katy

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