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Katy Hale ’14 is participating in her second study abroad, this time to Florence, Italy, with Associate Professor of Art Christopher Ryan and several other Hiram College students. She will be blogging about everything from the delicious Italian cuisine to the planes, trains and automobiles that are needed to traverse the Italian countryside.

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Katy writes …

The food so far in Florence has been amazing! On our first night in Florence, for example, we tasted authentic Italian pizza! The crust was flaky and crisp, the sauce was delicious, and the mozzarella cheese – out of this world! And the most awesome thing about pizza in Italy is you don’t have to share! Because the crust is so thin you can usually eat a pizza (think a medium pizza in The U.S.A.) on your own.

food-1-smWe have also been able to explore outdoor markets to buy sandwiches and pasta on the cheap in order to go to more lavish dinners. We are especially fond of a small market that is near Santa Maria Novella. Over twenty vendors sell different foods like salami and cheese, pasta, wine and many, many desserts! Speaking of desserts, we have been able to try canolis, gelato, tiramisu and other goodies!

Yesterday we went on a hike in the Bellosquardo Hills outside the city walls. We each brought along a contribution to our large alfresco picnic. We had grapes, olives, cheese with honey, salami, tomatoes and basil, bread and much more! We ended up eating on the outside steps of a church that was closed for the day because of a holiday, which was an interesting experience to pass all the food around!



That’s all for now! I will keep you posted on other yummy foods and fun things we are doing in Florence!

– Katy

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