Hiram College

Freshmen gather in small groups to discuss ethics, identity and community during the College’s 15 Annual Ethics Teach-In

Today, Hiram hosted its 15th annual Ethics Teach-In. Students loaded up plates of barbeque-style food supplied by the dining hall and gathered with professors on the campus green to discuss race, personal identity and community. This year’s teach-in discussions covered subjects such as “The Evolution of Biological Perspectives on Race,” “The States of Voting Rights in 2016” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore: Having Difficult Conversations.”

“It was a really cool experience that gave us a chance to talk about things we don’t normally discuss in the classroom,” says freshman Erica Lohan of the experience.

Freshman Alexia Kemerling shares her perspective of the Ethics Teach-In:

“Today at the Ethics Teach-In we had the opportunity to talk with professors and other students about important current issues. I attended


Freshman Alexia Kemerling attended Hiram Ethics Teach-In discussion “We Don’t Talk Anymore: Having Difficult Discussions.”

the discussion titled,” We Don’t Talk Anymore: Having Difficult Conversations.” The conversation was led by sociologist Liz Piatt and English professor Kirsten Parkinson. I chose this group because I believe that no matter what field you end up pursuing, it is important to be able to effectively communicate with people, even if the subject matter is uncomfortable. I learned several valuable tools for keeping an open mind and having successful conversations. I enjoyed the teach-in because it was a nice break from the typical classroom setting and it was cool to talk with different professors and students I had not yet met.”