Hiram College

Christopher Ryan, department chair and associate professor of art, will participate in a group art exhibition in Florence, Italy, from Nov. 24 to Dec. 8, 2012.

He was invited to contribute work to the show titled Il Filo degli Altri (The Filo of the Others), curated by Florentine artist Lorenzo Pezzatini, whom Ryan met when he taught in Florence, prior to coming to Hiram. Pezzatini visited Hiram College in 2009 as the artist-in-residence.

“Filo is a strand-like sculptural creation invented by Lorenzo Pezzatini in the 1970s and used in all of his work since then,” Ryan said. “This show invites select artists who, over the years, have known, worked with, or been inspired by Lorenzo and his Filo to contribute pieces that in some way, reflect this connection.”

For the exhibit, which will be showcased at the Jules Maidoff Gallery, Ryan contributed a photograph documenting a short performance piece he did at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport from Pezzatini’s 2009 visit.

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