Hiram College

Dear faculty and staff,

I write this morning to share yet another piece of fabulous news.

You may recall that, four years ago, an anonymous donor made a $2M gift to create an endowed scholarship fund in the name of Hiram alumnus Galen Roush ‘15. Since that time, Jen Schuller and her staff have been in routine communication with this philanthropist. Our development colleagues regularly send relevant press releases, videos, and letters from me and scholarship recipients, and our most recent mailing to this donor included detailed information about the New Liberal Arts. This communication channel has ensured that the donor knows where his money is going and can see the fast-paced changes that are positively impacting the entire campus.

Thanks to this personal stewardship, the donor made a second gift two years ago in the amount of $700,000. And…he made a third one on Friday afternoon in the amount of $1.25M!

This gift and the earlier ones are important for several reasons. That initial gift—Hiram’s first, outright seven-figure gift in history—gave Jen and me the confidence we needed to “go big” with our asks. At the very same time, it created a timely momentum that was greatly needed. As you may recall, that first gift came in during our challenging refinancing process, and it became the symbolic and concrete catalyst for forward movement in a time of trouble. We were able to leverage that gift to create a positive contagion that spread across to all types of stakeholders.

This $1.25M is earmarked for “need-based scholarships,” giving us tremendous latitude in applying it in ways that will best support our recruitment and retention efforts.

This gift is a great blessing, a concrete sign of support, and a signal to all that Hiram is a place that changes lives and is transformed, itself, in the metamorphic process.


What a wonderful way to wrap up the semester!


Your President,

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Lori Varlotta