Hiram College

Faculty and students will converge in discussions on food and hunger for the Annual Ethics Teach-In on Sept. 13, 2012.

Presented by the Center for Engaged Ethics, the teach-in will feature 13 discussions from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Dining Hall side rooms and alcove.

The tradition of the teach-in began in 2001 following the Sept. 11 attacks, as a forum for the community to talk about the events that shook the United States. It has continued since then, but evolved into discussions on the annual ethics theme.

This year’s discussions will include the following:

  • Carl Capellas: “Athletes Fueling Their Bodies with McDonald’s?”
  • Amber Chenoweth: “Your Brain on Food”
  • Cara Constance: “Why GMO’s are GOOD for You!”
  • Audrey Cunningham: “Fruit and Communism? The Role of the United Fruit Company in Guatemala’s 1954 Coup D’├ętat”
  • Ella Kirk: “Power of Language and Food”
  • Erin Lamb: “Dissecting the Oreo: The Identity, History and Politics of an Iconic Cookie”
  • Emily McClung: “Eating the Perimeter: The Effect of Cost and Geometry on What We Eat”
  • Jennifer McCreight: “Pink Milk Comes from Pink Cows: A Look at Cafeteria Lunches, Children’s Knowledge of Where Food Comes From and Schools’ Responsibility to Teach How Food is Grown”
  • Jody Modarelli: “The Connection Between Food, Disease and Longevity”
  • Mary Quade: “Food as Language?
  • Lisa Regula: “Gene Patents and Food Aid: When First World Tools Meet Third World Practice”
  • Carol Shreiner: “Pet Food: What are we Feeding Fido and Fluffy?”
  • Dawn Sonntag: “Vegan/Vegetarian Musicians – Creators of Harmony or Loony-Tunes?”

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