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One of the great things about Alumni Weekend is – of course – reconnecting with old classmates, faculty, and staff members. Even better is doing so with some organized humor, anecdotes, and stories – all accompanied by food and frivolity! That’s what just one of the events on Friday evening, June 13, promises.

The number “13” is a special one for Jane Preston Rose. She has been with the College for 13 years and she married her husband George on Friday the 13th. Now join friends and family on the 13th of June as we celebrate her retirement as Dean of the Weekend College. Enjoy an outdoor barbeque as Jane’s colleagues and former students share stories about working with her over the years. She might be retiring from her role as Dean, but Jane’s not leaving the College – she’s “retiring” so she can devote more time to teaching in her adjunct faculty position – so, we might be roasting Jane on Friday night, but we won’t have seen the last of her, happily!

That just starts off the weekend’s entertainment! Look at the full listing of events in the Spring 2008 issue of the Hiram Magazine, or call the Office of Alumni Relations at 800.705.5050. Better yet, look at events and register online on Hiram’s new and improved Alumni web site. Go to alumni.hiram.edu, check out the events, and sign up to your heart’s content. While you’re online, why not update your profile, and send a class note?

Start planning now, and prepare to reconnect with tradition at Hiram.

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