Hiram College

On May 1, the day in which many high school seniors make their final decision about where to attend college, we asked our Facebook fans what made them select Hiram College as their final choice.

Here’s a snapshot of what they had to say. To read more, like us on Facebook, and share your reasons for attending Hiram, too.

“A chance to be myself and not be forced through a pre-set college experience. I wanted to study Political Science and History, sing in the choir, and be a part of student government. The small liberal arts setting of Hiram let me do all of that and more and still graduate in 4 years.” – Chris Schmitt

“It’s hard to put into words, but there is a sense of belonging that you get when you’re there, on that hill, in that place. A sense that anything is possible, that all things are possible. You look out over those rolling hills to the east, and you just feel that you’re in a place that will be transformational.” – Don Batisky

“From my first visit, I was warmly accepted, encouraged to grow, and supported as I figured out my aspirations and set about accomplishing them. I had a lot of growing up to do and Hiram offered the right combination of safe harbour and wide horizons that I instinctively knew I needed, even if I couldn’t articulate it yet.”  – Bridgett Williams-Searle

“Where to start? Hiram encouraged me to grow as a person. As an institution, Hiram promised to help me become an engaged, positive citizen – not just another person entering the grind to come out the other side with a piece of paper. I entered a shy person and through Hiram’s curriculum of community and centering of writing in every thing I did, I opened up.” – Ginny M. Schminke-Yaussy

“For me, the first thing that really put Hiram on my map actually had to do with my brother. He went to an overnight visit on campus and I was along when we dropped him off. I briefly met the Admissions Counselor at that point. Fast forward two years to our high school college fair. I was walking around and collecting all the info from schools with no idea where I was going when someone from Hiram called out to me by name. It was the same admissions counselor! It made me feel welcomed and that feeling continued to grow and blossom with every interaction I had with people from Hiram. It was so different from other schools I visited!” – Betsy Haley

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