Hiram College


A student’s freshman year of college is full of firsts: first roommate, first research paper, first presentation, first time joining (or leading) a student organization, first meeting with a professor, and many, many more.

As Hiram College’s Class of 2017 prepares for these exciting, but sometimes challenging moments, we asked our Facebook fans what advice they had for a successful first semester. Here is just a snapshot of what they had to say:

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On roommates:

“Your roommate is not your school assigned best friend. Nor are they someone for you to deliberately exclude as you navigate new social waters. Be kind.”

On study habits:

“Procrastination is an easy / bad habit to fall into. The point of this first semester is to learn how to manage your time in a free / social setting. Talk to your classmates and professors to start off on the right track.”

“Go to class!!! Your education is very expensive and by skipping you are stealing from yourself. Plus, it will probably save you time in the long run so you can have more fun.”

“Sit in front and be early.”

“Go visit Kathryn Craig at the Career Center to get on track. She’ll help you figure out how the experiences you gather and the courses you take in the next few years can converge into the career of your dreams.”

“Don’t feel bad if you have to change your major I changed my major at least six times before I settled on my career path your in college to determine your field of interest and pursue it so choose something you’ll love not the thing that others tell you to do.”

“DON’T PULL ALL-NIGHTERS!!! …meaning do your work early in the day even if you think you can do it later  I learned this the hard, painful way.”

On getting involved:

“Do at least one thing outside of your comfort zone a day. You’ll be amazed at how much the world (and Hiram) has to offer!”

“Get involved. Hiram is one of the best places for young people to learn and grow, but you get out of t what you put in to it!”

“Getting involved will introduce you to people, places and things that could become lifelong friends or interests that one might otherwise miss completely. Lastly fully support the sports teams and other extracurricular activities as it will enhance your time on Hiram hill! Have fun, it will be!!”

On campus life:

“Enjoy the outdoors! Hiram Hill and the Field Station are located on some of most beautiful countryside that the Midwest has to offer. Take some time to yourself for a walk in the trees or read that book you have to read anyways on a blanket in the grass instead of your dorm room.”

“College is what you make it. Just because we are in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean there is nothing to do besides classwork. There is tons to do, but you have to have the attitude to do it.”

“Don’t think that you need to eat as much dining hall food as you can just because you’re paying for it. You will never get your money’s worth. You’ll just end up paying for it twice.”

On development and relationships:

“When you meet a professor(s) who inspires you even if they’re outside of your major follow up with them. Have office hours or go to lunch with them consistently to help mold your ideas, class schedule, and long-term goals.”

“Cherish the people you meet at Hiram. I learned to see the world in different ways from the people I met and still are friends with over 20 years later.”

“Make it a time to “watch” yourself and your own tendencies. Some of us talk before we listen; others do the opposite. That’s an example. Try to see your own behavior that could be keeping your mind closed, behavior that could be keeping you from both expressing your own truth and really taking in what others have to say as being equally valid, however different, than your own perspective.”