Hiram College

A 1960 alumna has published the illustrated paperback book Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery.

In the book, author Irene Baron ’60, a former astronomy teacher, cites evidence she says supports the Biblical Christmas star. For the book’s publication, Baron studied astronomy computer programs, Biblical passages, historical records, illustrations on ancient monuments, coins and legal seals dating back more than 2,000 years.

“The ancient astronomers would have been amazed to learn that, over 2,000-years later, we would know what they had seen in their skies,” Baron said. “Since the stars and planets move in mathematically precise patterns, with the right computer program, anyone can accurately predict their motions for hundreds of years in the future.”

For the book’s publication, fifteen years of ancient skies were surveyed using 68-NASA mathematically precise, astronomy computer programs and other commercially available programs.

Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery may be purchased online from Amazon.com or through bookstores. Additional information can be found at: www.irenebaron.com.