Hiram College

Dear Students,

I know that this is one of your busiest and most stressful weeks of the term, so I write first to say “the finish line is in sight…keep on going, you are almost there.”

I don’t want to distract you too much from your studies as you are going into finals. I do, however, want to make myself available on a face-to-face basis with anyone who may wish to talk with me, other administrators, or faculty about the academic redesign you are hearing about in any number of places.

Toward that end, I have met on few different occasions with the Student Senate officers who have been elected or appointed to serve you. Just this week I had a very productive meeting with them.

In addition to working with Student Senate, we are, of course, willing to work with students-at-large. Along those lines, we have scheduled a student town hall meeting on the subject of the academic redesign for next Monday, May 7th. Vice President and Dean of Students, Dr. Liz Okuma, and Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Dr. Judy Muyskens, will be a part of the evening’s conversation to explain next steps and answer questions. Also on hand that night will be professors from the Strategic Academic Team and a few other professors who have been actively involved in the process. Meeting details are forthcoming from Dean Okuma.

I have also set aside a couple of hours for any student who wishes to meet in a casual atmosphere to ask questions, discuss concerns, or share reasons why Hiram is special to you. I will make myself available tomorrow (May 4th) from 2-3 pm and next Wednesday (May 9th) from 1-3 pm in the Heritage Room on first floor of the Hiram Inn. Please join me there for a cup of coffee or tea.

Your President,

President Varlotta