Hiram College

You want to pursue health care because of a desire to help others – to save lives – to serve.

You need an undergraduate experience rich in the sciences and hands-on experiences to prepare you for rigorous entry exams and interviews, graduate school and beyond.

The best health care providers possess knowledge beyond anatomy, physiology and the hard sciences. Whether you aspire to be a doctor, physician assistant, dentist, nurse, veterinarian or something else, the liberal arts education you receive at Hiram will provide a strong foundation for your health care career aspirations:

  • Your courses in ethics and the humanities will prepare you to examine and navigate the “grey areas” of patient care: What is the best decision when there is no “good” option? What are the ethical ramifications of recommending a certain treatment versus an alternative?
  • We’re expanding our network of direct-entry partners across the state of Ohio. Earning a seat in medical and dental school isn’t easy; our pathway programs (medical school, dental school, social work) give qualified applicants guaranteed program seats – and peace of mind.
  • Because of our small size, one-on-one attention goes beyond the classroom. Our professors become your mentors who will work with you to chart your career path and find your footing in the field.
  • We connect you early on with Northeast Ohio’s premier health care facilities through internships, shadowing, service and community health projects. Early on-site experience gives you more opportunities to network and more opportunities to discover your passions.
  • The courses you take across our liberal arts curriculum prepare you to interview effectively and be the best health care provider possible, as you develop your communications skills and your ability to think across disciplines.
  • We were the first college in the nation to offer a biomedical humanities major. Courses in the major like “How We Die,” “Stories of Illness and Healing” and “Cultures of Medicine” provide our students context to medicine and health issues that students from other programs are not exposed to.
  • Our Center for Literature and Medicine has been a leader in the medical humanities for more than 20 years. It brings to campus speakers and performances that explore physical and mental health careers and issues, offers scholarships and research opportunities and authors the Literature and Medicine Book Series, published by Kent State University Press.
  • Our campus-wide commitment to wellness provides health-related extracurricular enrichment and educational opportunities.
  • Just as health issues transcend disciplines, we offer health-related courses across the curriculum. This gives Hiram students the opportunity to examine health issues from the non-traditional disciplines of communication, chemistry, sociology, religious studies, political science, history, music, education and environmental science – in addition to the more traditionally “health-related” disciplines of biomedical humanities, biology, neuroscience and psychology.
  • Hiram alumni are pursuing successful careers in a wide variety of health disciplines, including: physician assistant, perfusion scientist, anesthesiology assistant, doctor, dentist, optometrist, medical illustrator, nurse, nurse practitioner, microbiologist, medical ethicist, public health official, substance abuse counselor, clinical psychologist, basic medical researcher, genetic counselor, veterinarian, health administrator.